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Bath screens from the manufacturer SanSwiss

+Product category (Bath screens)
+Door type (Folding door)
  • Pivot door, outside and inside opening
  • Pivot door with inline panel (hinge on fixed side), outside and inside opening
  • Sliding door, two parts
  • Folding door
+Profile color
+Glass finish (Screen)
+Model range
A shower enclosure is a very practical solution, which can be incorporated into any bathroom’s design, but we need to go over the elements it would consist of. For example, the type of opening is important, and one of the options we have is a bi-fold door.

Bi-fold shower enclosures are a combination of functionality and aesthetics

One of the unquestioned advantages of bi-fold shower enclosures is their practical design. This type of opening is a good alternative to sliding and hinged doors. Bi-fold doors don’t take up additional space in the bathroom, so they are a good option for smaller bathrooms. The cubicle looks light and will perfectly go with minimalist and modern decor. Hence the bi-fold shower enclosures are not only functional, but also aesthetic. They can be a decoration and accentuate the character of the arrangement.

High quality and distinguished design of SanSwiss shower enclosures

When purchasing a shower cubicle we think about its long-term use. With this in mind we should focus only on high quality products, and those offered by SanSwiss and just that. All shower enclosures have safe tempered glass, which is extremely resistant to impact and meets the strict European requirements. Its thickness is different depending on the enclosure we choose.

Each shower enclosure, including these with bi-fold doors, should be easy to clean. In SanSwiss products, this is ensured by a special Aquaperle polymer coating, thanks to which scale doesn’t settle and no streaks are created, so the glass is always clear and elegant.

Elegant design in many versions

Bi-fold shower enclosures can have visible profiles that form a coherent whole with other elements of the bathroom equipment, be their subtle background or have a distinctive color, and the glass can be plain or patterned. This allows the investor to choose a product that will meet his or her expectations in every respect.

The cubicle can be 700, 750, 800, 900, 1,000 or 1,200mm wide. When it comes to alcove shower enclosures, the door width can be up to 1,800mm. For each model we also customize the size of the shower enclosure, which makes it easy to tailor the shower to the size of the bathroom.