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Basic methods of installation

On the floor

Installation on tiled floor

Standard dimension shower enclosures:
For standard dimensions the specified dimension always corresponds to the dimension of the shower tray. The dimensions of the shower enclosure are reduced by the dimension of the recess valid for the corresponding series. Therefore at floor level installation the dimension of the recess must be considered. Please refer to the respective dimension tables on the technical information pages. For further information please contact our technical service. In case of a deviation from the dimensions listed in the tables a special dimension order is required.

Special dimension shower enclosures:
For special dimension orders door elements and side panels will be installed without recess.
On the tray

Installation on shower tray

Doors and side panels - of standard or customised shower enclosures - should always be installed set back (7 to 26 mm depending on the type of shower enclosure) from the outer edge of the shower tray. The ordered dimension always corresponds to the dimensions of the shower tray.